11 May, 2008

Jayden Is 26 months Old

Jayden is 26 months old today.

Few days back we brought him to try out our Singapore flyer. Though it is nothing too exciting, Jayden did keep himself busy walking around the cabin, looking out at the scenery, climbing up and down the benches, singing and dancing, etc.

At 2 years and 2 months old, Jayden is now able to :-

1) Recognise flags of various countries (Mainly Asia and Europe. He has yet to learn the national flags of Africa, national flags of the Americas and the Caribbean, and the national flags of Australia and Oceania)

2) Count 1 - 10 in 5 different languages / dialects, i,e. English, Chinese, Hokkien, Cantonese, Tagalog. (Why only 5? Because that is all we know!)

3) Converse in an almost proper manner, e.g.

  • I don't want this one.
  • Can I try?
  • I want to come down (e.g. from high chair, bed, etc) or
  • I come down myself.
  • Excuse me, Thank you, Sorry.
  • I want some more (e.g. Carrot, fishcake, drink, etc)
  • I want to go (to the) market/gai gai, etc.

4) Understand the difference between right and left (e.g kick the ball with your left leg, raise your right arm and wave, etc).

5) Understand the difference between hard and soft surface.

6) Understand what we trying to relate to him and follow the instructions, e.g Stop at the pedestrian's crossing when the traffic light shows a Red Man, and cross when it is Green. listens to the instructions of the paediatrician when he went for consultation and having his haircut at the salon without crying or fidgeting.

7) Sing few songs complete (twinkle twinkle little stars, head shoulder knees and toes, wheels on the bus, and a few other songs he learn in Shichida classes)

8) Read some of his favourite books. One of his all time favourite is Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. He reads the book all by himself, though there are still some words that are too difficult for him, ie. promenade he still tries his best to pronounce them.

9) Now can pronounce words up to 5 syllabus, e.g Hippopotamus, Cockadoodledoo.

10) Relate what he sees on books/cards/TV to real ones, e.g. Name various vehicles on the road, e.g taxis, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, concrete mixer truck, excavator, lorry, truck, fuel tank truck, van, and so on. He will also say out the words correctly when he sees the advertisement on the vehicles, e.g IKEA, SONY, NIKON, Tiger Beer, etc.

11) Figure out how to pronounce new words, though sometime he didn't get it totally right. There was once when he watched an advertisement and pronounce the word "VICHY" correctly. We were shocked as we have never taught him how to pronounce that word. The power of learning PHONICS!

12) Catch and throw balls using both hands pretty well.

13) Know all the basic shapes ie. star, triangle, rectangle, square, circle, oval and a few more sophisticated ones like hexagon, crescent and semi-circles.

My son has grown up quite abit hasn't he?

Ed and I are seriously considering to let him attend the pre-school class at the school just opposite our place. I've been to visit the school once and I'm pretty pleased with what I've seen. The walking distance from our home to the school is less than 10mins and furthermore the school is Montessori based which is just what I'm looking for. The only downside is expensive school fees. But then it's Montessori based so can't complain too much.

The paediatrician has also advised that we could try to send Jayden to school to see if he will succumb to the peer pressure of eating while he is with other kids. Moreover I think Jayden seems to be pretty bored staying at home looking at his mommy almost 24/7! We also hope the kid will learn to interact and socialise with kids of different race and ages.

Oooooh I can smell freedom! Haha! Well, at least for 4 hours! Can't wait!


Jayden is getting so cute.. like the way he trying to count to 10.. he's good.. by e way, wat's a Taglog lanugage?? keke..
He's getting more handsome too..:)

4 precious hours to maple and knit and what u cant when jayden is around. woohoo~ then again when u raelise the more time u have on you hands, he has grown up more than u know. :)