14 April, 2008

We Are Finally Back (To Reality....)

For those who know that we have gone away for a 10 days vacation to Japan, just to let everyone know that we are officially back.

For those who didn't, ok now you know and we are finally back.

Though it's a 10 days trip to Japan, Ed applied for 2 weeks' of leave and it finally ended last Friday. He's back to work today, officially.

And once again our lives falls into the usual routine again. Ed goes to work. I take care of the kid.

It's been a topsy-turvy 2 weeks. From a nervous wreck I was from the few days before our trip , I became exhilarated and frustrated during the trip, and then a little depressed when we came back to Singapore. I should say I'm more or less tuned back to "normal mode".

Overall the trip was great and fun. I think the best part for Jayden was he didn't have to eat when he didn't want to. And of course, checking into different hotels almost every night, fooling around with all the switches in the hotel rooms (within his reach that is), ransacking the mini fridges and taking out the packets and bottles of juices from it, arranging them nicely on the bed.

And the best part he went kicking the complimentary big grapefruit around the room when he got so bored. I kenna told off by Ah Bao when I told her what Jayden did to the grapefruit.

"You know fruits are so expensive in Japan!!!!! How can you let him kick the grapefruit!?!" Oops. Shall bear that in mind and not let it happen again when we go Japan for trips again.

The trip was physically draining for me. Jayden didn't wanna go on the umbrella stroller most of the time. I had to carry him up the steep slopes and stairs to the ancient temples. Chase after him in Disney Land and I had to be the one to give him his pacifier, bread, water etc...etc... He practically disagree and threw tantrums whenever Ed volunteered to do all the above.

If you are wondering whether am I pregnant and thus the kid is so sticky to me? The answer is NO. Haha!

Ok you can skip reading the following if you have been to Japan during the cherry blossom seasons. But you could read on if you think you'll have the same likes and dislikes of Japan like I do.

A few things worth mentioning:

The cherry blossoms were spectacular. No words can describe the beauty of it. You'll have to see it yourself. It's too beautiful, really.

Mt. Fuji was magnificent. Again you'll have to see the real thing yourself. Postcards and pictures in the mags do no justice for this great mountain. It took my breath away. In my opinion, it looked much greater than the Grand Canyon.

The women in Japan. What can I say.... They made me feel so dowdy and lousy. 99% of them seems to just jump out from those glamorous magazines you find at Kinokuniya. Lashes all curled and mascara-ed nicely, curling just at the right angle. They dress to kill. And especially at the cooling weather of 10 degrees and below, they looked sooooo good in their wind-breakers, down-jackets, parka and whatever else you call those beautiful and nice coats. They never seems to have a bad hair day. I feel and look so AUNTY beside these beautiful women!

The men in Japan. Haiz. What can I say.... all also so handsome. All dressed in nice black suits. I wonder if their dispatch guys were dress in black suits as well?! I didn't see any guys wearing jeans and shirts with cap!

The ToTo toilet bowl. It's not just me who find it fascinating. Even Ed and Jayden are impressed! This fascinating toilet bowl can mostly be found in normal places ie. malls, hotels, and some other glam tourist spots. How fascinating?

  • 10 degrees and you take off your pants and you sit on it. Woohoo! The seat is warm!
  • Scared that the seat is dirty? Have no fear, there's sanitizer just right beside!
  • Wanna poo but afraid the sound of the "bomb" landing into the bowl might be embarrassing? Have no fear! Press the music button and nice flushing sound will camouflage your "poop poop" sound! The music goes on and on til you finishes your big business!

Ok Jayden doesn't use the toilet bowl, so how come he find it fascinating as well? Well... the way he presses the buttons tells me so! Everytime I uses the toilet he will come charging in too, and then start pressing the colour buttons!

And the Ramen I had, it's to die for. You will not like the Ramen here in Singapore once you have tasted theirs.

And Japan is as clean as Singapore. Slightly cleaner I would say.

The few things that I didn't like about Japan was:

You'll have a hard time finding dustbins.

The highchairs have no buckles, so that means the kid could slip down and run off. Jayden tried to wriggle his way down.... I had a hard time trying to make him sit still.

The Japanese thought I could speak Japanese. Do I look like one? No I don't think so. I looked too dowdy to be one. Duh.

I guess everyone who's been to Japan will agree with me on this. Everything is freaking expensive.

So, enough said. If you just wanna see the pictures, just scroll down to the next few posts.

Ed and I couldn't figure out how's the best way to post the pics (we have snapped 2000 over pics! Gosh!) so we've decided to just do one video on each day of the trip containing some of the pics taken in that particular day. We thought it will be a better way to keep track.

We have spent quite a bit of $ on this trip so the next vacation will probably have to wait for at least another 5 or 6 months.

But where next?

It's gonna be either Hokkaido or Australia Gold Coast! :o)


Good to hear you guys had fun! I really hope to go one day. The toilet bowls are sheer genius! I like the idea of music masking your big biz sound. :)

Eh pls lah. U where got aunty looking?? U obviously look like one of the Jap mah, that's why can get mistaken.

Jayden really looks like a good mix of you and hubs. Will finish seeing your videos later (when my boss not looking)