06 April, 2008

7D Central Japan Discovery/Fantasy + 3 Days Tokyo Free and Easy - Day 6

Highlights of the day:

The much anticipated 1 day trip to Disneyland! But too bad Jayden has to take his 2 hour nap in the park and missed taking his pictures with Mickey and Minnie, Chip and Dale....

But wait! He managed to wake up in time for the parade and took a few shots with Roger Rabbit, 3 Little Pigs!

He had a fun time running amok in the park, slinging his Mickey Mouse lunchbox, holding onto his balloon and sporting a Mickey Mouse magic hat hairclip! So much fun.......

Ed suggested that we bring Jayden back to Disneyland again when he's older. He's now still a little too young to appreciate and enjoy most of the rides.

Edited to add: those last few pics of Jayden brushing his teeth and goofing around on the bed in the hotel, just a few bonus pics :o)