07 March, 2008

This Is One Hungry Kid Part I

Hungry but not for the food. He's hungry to learn and he's asking for more and more.

A few days back Ed bought a box of flashcards on birds and insects from Popular Book Store but then they are a little too difficult to flash because of the paper quality, so Ed decided to just let Jayden play around with them.

He was very eager to learn the names of the different types of birds and insects and it's rather amazing that he actually remembers them by the third day.

And he seems to favour the lamellicon beetle, ant and millipede over the rest of the insects and the birds. He's also able to differentiate a few types of birds rather than just categorizing all of them as "birds".

I hope he's not gonna be afraid of the cockroaches like me when he grows up or else next time if there's cockroaches invasion at home we'll have 2 person running around screaming the house down!

Sometimes I really wish his appetite for knowledge can be balance out in terms of food intake.

This is one kid who really seldom ask for food and milk.


He's such a smart boy.. really dun know wat to say about jayden.. but to me.. i think.. you are a really great mum.. Great job!