22 March, 2008

This Is A Good Friday

The Terrible Two kicked in right after Jayden turned 2. I had a hell of a week.

The kid had bleeding gums with a 2 molars budding at the same time. He refused his food and had been cranky whole week long. Plus the teething resulted in the kid having fever. It's terrible I tell you.

Enough complaining.

Thank god there's a public holiday break in this terrible week, it's the Good Friday!

The weather was really good and so we took the opportunity to bring Jayden out to the beach to enjoy the sun. I wasn't too keen though and so I wasn't totally prepared wearing the swimsuit and all. I just lugged into a pair of bermudas and a sleeveless top. Anyway I just want the kid to have fun with the sand.

We set off to Sentosa's Tanjong Beach as it is less crowded and definitely much cleaner than East Coast Beach. We started building sand castle with him but soon the kid realised another activity that was more fun - to swim in the sea!!! Look how he enjoyed himself and running around the beach...we almost ran out of breath just to catch up with him! He almost got me all wet!

Thank goodness I bought the sunblock before we drove into Sentosa as we had to remove his shirt after he got all wet. Jayden is such a daredevil dashing to the waves! Ed and I could hardly catch up with him!

After that we had a nice and hearty lunch at Pizza Hut. Jayden didn't eat much of the food that I've ordered for him but he nearly finished the full serving of mushroom soup.

The beach outing was indeed a sucessful and a very fun one! Ed and I decided that we'll try our best to go to the beach as often as we can from now on!

But wait, there's more program in the evening!

We had a family dinner gathering at Changi Airport T2 Sakae Sushi restaurant. Ed booked the VIP room that could hold a max. capacity of 10 pax. It's really nice to have an area all to ourselves and Jayden was able to roam around the room when he gets bored after sitting down for awhile, and we could continue to enjoy the scrumptious sushi dinner.

It was indeed a very very fun and good friday.