12 March, 2008

Jayden Is 2 Years Old

It's the day, the day that the kid turns 2 years old.

We wanted to celebrate his birthday by bringing him to visit the zoo again, or go sentosa and let him build sand castle by the beach, but decided against it when the weather was not looking good.

We went Changi Airport Terminal 3 instead. Though there was not much to do, Jayden did have a good workout by running non-stop at the viewing gallery, and he was running real fast...so fast that we overheard one westerner telling a local saying that Jayden is gearing up for youth Olympics!

After that we had a hearty meal at Sakae Sushi where Jayden downed almost 2 cups of chawamushi before heading home. Though it was not a eventful way to celebrate Jayden's birthday, it was definitely a good family outing for all. I had to say I enjoyed myself quite a bit!

After dinner we had the cake cutting celebration for Jayden and he enjoyed the cake very much...of course...the cake is Swenson's ICE CREAM cake! Last year the kid couldn't eat his own birthday cake cos' he was down with fever. So this time round we make sure he can truly savour his own birthday cake.

He attacked the cake with vengeance by poking on the cream right after we sang the birthday song! And the verdict for the cake - 2 thumbs up from the birthday boy!

Time flies...... by next year the same day I believe he would be starting to attend preschool....
I'm looking forward to that.


Happy Birthday Jayden :)

oh yes.. Happy Birthday to Jayden.. kekeke.. Now i really can see tat Mummy n Jayden are similiar in their lip and nose?? kekeke.. and Jayden take after the father's eye.. ENjoy!