10 March, 2008

The Birthday Present

We brought Jayden to TOYS'R'US on Sunday to buy him a birthday present.

We walked for almost an hour but still could not make up our mind what to get for him. We were keen in getting him the bicycle (see picture below), but it is too big and will take up much space in the house.

Furthermore Jayden is still too short to reach the pedals. In the end, we bought him the kitchen set, thinking it will boost his creativity.

See how he enjoyed playing the kitchen set with his cousins. We let him opened his birthday present though it is a day before his actual birthday.

I know it's gonna sound contradicting.... I'm always hoping time would passes quickly so that the kid would really grow up fast and I could regain my freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

In fact time really flies..... my son is turning 2 years old tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Jayden :o)


Happy Birthday, Jayden!!!

happy birthday Jayden!!~