12 February, 2008

Jayden Is 23 Months Old

Time really flies past quickly. Jayden is 23 months old today.

Last year during CNY he was still learning how to cruise around with support and speaking very few words. Now he has grown up so fast within the last 12 months in terms of motor skills and speech, so much so that at times some may have mistaken him to be a 3 years old toddler, if not because of his small frame.

2007 CNY - 11 mths old...............................2008 CNY - 23 mths old

We see vast improvement in his development when he was around 14 months old, coincidentally that was also the month that we enrolled him in Shichida teaching. Since then he is able to learn to speak/read quite a number of words. His memory is quite amazing too.

At 23 months old, he is able to :-

Read/Spell his own name both in English and Chinese
Read simple English sentences
Read simple Chinese sentences
Read calendar months
Count to 10 in English and Chinese
Count to 20 in English
Identify animals both in English and Chinese
Identify transportation both in English and Chinese
Identify colors both in English and Chinese
Identify vegetables both in English and Chinese
Identify body parts both in English and Chinese
Identify some food both in English and Chinese
Identify objects both in English and Chinese
Sing the complete version of Head and Shoulder Knees and Toes
Sing part of most of the songs in "Signing Times" and "Beep and the Band"
Recognise almost all the american signs language as shown in the 13 volumes of "Signing Times"
Memorise pictures/words/pronounciations within minutes
Complete 12 piece Jig Jaw Puzzles
Jump with both feet off the ground
Climb the steps, sometimes without support
Dribble ball
Kick balls towards determined direction
Kick high ball
Sort shapes
Put beads through a thread
Pour water from a toy teapot into a bottle with small opening without much spilling
Slide down the slide without any assistance

We are pleased with his development and the only area of concern is his intake of solid food. He is still rejecting food that needs to be chewed, e.g. Rice, Meat, etc. and only taking solid food in the form of soup and noodles. Well, guess certain things cant be rushed into and as long as he is growing up healthy, all these can wait.

See how he enjoyed himself today at Eastcoast MacDonald playground. We let him played to his heart's content before treating him a nice cholocate sundae.

At the Playground of ECP MacDonald with cousin Natalie.

Jayden giving us mega watt smiles at every attempt to go down the slides on his own. It's not everyday that he gets to enjoy such freedom at a playground cos' mommy is still very particular about cleanliness and worrying the son catching potential viruses left behind by other kids!

Looking forward to 11th of next month..... My boy is turning 2!


Jayden is living up to his reputation. Truely the smartest kid from the March babies. I am very impress with the things he can do especially reading simple sentences and recognizing his own name.

*clap hands* Jayden is really 1 gifted kid!! i see the endless list of his achievements and i'm impressed!!

Jayden, can you teach Javier didi some of the things that you do??


I got to know your blog through another friend's blog. Your child is amazing. Congratulations!!

Seems like Schishida is a good program in giving a headstart to young children. Shall find out more about it. Keep it up Jayden and mommy.

Karen :)