10 February, 2008


Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous lunar new year 2008. I still made it in time to wish everyone because according to the chinese calendar the last day of celebrations ends at 初十五。
This year's lunar new year celebration has been a tough one for me. I was down with a bad cough throughout. But still I braced myself for the activities that I've lined up earlier, such as preparing the reunion dinner for Ed's side of family, go visiting at my uncle's place which is an annual affair *I don't get to meet my mom's side of relatives unless there's major event like a wedding* and we had a few rare visits from other family members.

At one point I think I had more than 12 guests in the house at the same time!

Now that I've a maid, hosting small gatherings and volunteering to host the reunion dinner seems to be an easier task! Afterall it's always nice to have sombody else *other than Ed* to clean up the place after all the guests have left! And it's been a nice experience for Jayden for he has never had to entertained so many people at a time at his turf! He was busy going around shaking people's hands!

Although plagued with a wicked cough, I still enjoyed the reunion dinners and the visitings. We had a good time.

And this year, finally we were able to get a nice oriental suit that Jayden could fit in! See my cheena boy!

Reunion Dinner At Laguna Country Club With My Side of The Family
My dad *公公* with Natalie, Elizabeth, Nicholas and of course little Jayden!

Thank goodness I listened to my sisters' advice on bringing the maid along so that she could help jaga Jayden as he went running around the country club while we were eating our reunion dinner in peace. He doesn't have much patient these days for sitting in the high chair waiting for us to take our meals at a comfortable pace! Even though I was coughing like mad throughout the dinner, I had to say I really enjoyed the good food!

What I really wished for, for the year of the Rat, is good health. Nothing beats having good health to enjoy every single moment with Jayden and Ed.

What did you wished for? :o)