06 January, 2008

Teacher Says......

Yesterday was the beginning of a new term, or rather Jayden's 3rd term learning the Shichida Method.

A new term and this time round it's a new teacher. The last teacher *teacher HY* who had been guiding Jayden for the last 2 terms has left, unfortunately. Jayden and the rest of the kids liked her alot and she was very motivating and most of the time she was able to set the right ambience and right mood for the kids.

This is what she had to say about Jayden's performance in the last term's Term Report before she left:

Areas of Good Potential:
Jayden is a happy boy who enjoys learning! He can interact with Teacher very well too! He enjoys pretend play and ESP games. He can follow moving toys with his eyes very well. He can remember pictures shown during memory games and he can find the correct linking memory cards! Jayden likes to listen and look at the speed-listening books too! He can recognize and say numbers and letters very well. Jayden can blow very well too! Jayden enjoys all activities and he is such a delightful child to teach. I sincerely enjoy teaching Jayden and I will miss him!

Suggestions for Improvement:
Please continue to do daily home practices for good brain stimulation and always remember to praise Jayden for his effort, good work and enthusiasm in learning!

Parental Strength:
Mommy and Daddy are very patient, encouraging and supportive! Jayden learns very well with your love and guidance. Mommy and Daddy, you are fantastic!

Again both Ed and I felt very happy and glad having to read teacher HY's positive comments on Jayden's 2nd term's performance. Jayden has shown vast improvement on the grasp of English and Chinese language which I strongly feel that is attributed by his photographic memory training. Of course credit goes to teacher HY for her dedicated guidance during lesson time and also her effort of sharing with me tips on home practices and taking time to discuss with me on Jayden's performance after lessons.

Not only will teacher HY misses Jayden, I guess Jayden and I will miss her too. Somehow the new teacher didn't measure up to her standards...... Ed said the new teacher was not as motivating as teaher HY, or rather lifeless, he described. *Ed was sitting in for yesterday's lesson*.

Next week I shall justify Ed's comments on the new teacher.