19 January, 2008

Silly Conversation

As much as I wanted to forget about some mindless, nonsensical conversations that I had with this particular mom, somehow these conversations just seems to creep into my mind again, especially when my mind is at idle mode during my luxurious leisure weekend long shower sessions.

Let me share it with you ladies. Though some of you may have already heard it from me before, but let's all have a good laugh about it again!

Here goes.

The other mom: Wah you wake up so early to go wet market to buy stuff to cook for Jayden arh?

Me: Ya lor, if not hor later my hubby go off work liao I can't go market leh.

The other mom: Wah you really hard working hor?

Me: Erm, no choice leh.

The other mom: But do you know hor, the wet market sell pork arh is from Indonesia leh.

Me: Oh issit? Oh ya hor.

The other mom: I buy my son's pork hor from Cold Storage leh. Cold Storage one is from Aussie. It's Aussie pork leh.

Me: *scratching my head* Oh issit?

The other mom: Why you don't buy from Cold Storage leh? It's from Aussie leh..... and no need wake up so early to go wet market and buy.... Aussie pork better mah.

Me: *continue to scratch head* Issit? Wet market pork not fresher meh? And Indo pork cannot eat arh? Eat already will die mah? Den those people buy from market one den how?

The other mom: *trying desperately to answer my so many questions* No lar, just that Cold Storage one is from Aussie mah.......

So the morale of the story.......
Eat Aussie pork liao the kid will speak with a Aussie twang ang mo? Aussie pork more high class? Indo pork is halal?!!!!!

Til today, when I'm in my crazy mood, I will go around asking fellow moms, or my sisters... "So which pork you think is fresher huh?....."

The common answers I get is, or rather people asked me back "Not wet market one meh? Fresher mah, no?".....

When you are also in a crazy mood just like me, maybe you can tell me whether wet market pork is fresher or the Cold Storage Aussie pork is fresher, k?

I promise I won't get cross even if your answer is the latter!


Err Aussie pork means the pig can speak ang moh n Indo pork speak malay?

Pls dun listen to her lies and nonsense. Her maid goes to the wet market to buy INDO PORK too.

Just two words to describe: BAI CHI.