04 January, 2008

Put The Doodle Board To Good Use

The doodle board can really be a useful tool when it comes to teaching the kid to recognize words and chinese characters.

Jayden loves to learn chinese words and always demand us to read to him his chinese books and flash his cards in chinese language version.

Recently he wants us to write to him in chinese characters as well, using doodle board. We thought that it's also a good way to test his learning as well as teach him more words. Doing so will expose him to different handwritten words, which we think is also important *Ed and I have totally different style of handwriting*.

He can recognise quite a lot of chinese words now, e.g 老师, 饼干, various fruits and vegetables, animals, family members and many more.

Looking at the doodle board in different light now, won't ya?


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