09 January, 2008

Jayden Is Learning Three-Word Chant - 《三字经》Part 2

Jayden learns the next 24 words of the Three-Word Chant.

I've got to admit that this video is a little long and draggy BUT Ed didn't want to edit it, especially the last part, cos' the last part was something that we don't get to see from Jayden very often! Such excitement!

苟不教 性乃迁 教之道 贵以专
易解:如果不对孩子进行教育,他的善良本性就会发生变化。教育好一个人方法, 贵在教导他专心致志,始终如一
If not educated, their good nature will change. The right way to teach, is with absolute focus on achieving ambition.

昔孟母 择邻处 子不学 断机杼
易解:从前,孟子的母亲为了让孟子有一个比较好的学习环境,曾三次搬迁住所。 孟子不好好学习,孟母就割断正在织布的纱线,以此来教育孟子努力学习,不要自弃其功。
Of old, the mother of Mencius chose a neighbourhood and when her child would not learn, she broke the shuttle from the loom.
*Thank god for the english translation!*

I love the last part of the video best :o)