14 January, 2008

Jayden The Future Pop Star

I think my son is turning into a TV junkie.... he simply love chinese variety shows, especially those singing contest type.

He started watching American Idols when he was about 1 year old and loves them ever since. and now he watches One Million Star (超级星光大道) *it's one of my favorites too!* and Happy Sunday (快乐星期天).

I must say his all time favourite will be Happy Sunday. Not sure if he picked up the art of singing from all these programme...

Watch how he tried to sound like Jay Chou 周杰伦!

Ok, he doesn't really exactly sound like Jay Chou.....more like Jay Goh himself!


Oh my.. He's marvelous.. keke.. jayden mummy.. i think from this video.. jayden seem to have put on weight yeah.. well done!