14 January, 2008

12 Months In A Year

Just 2 weeks back, Mommy of the Koh Family was telling me that she was very impressed with Jayden's ability to fix up the 12pc puzzles.

She also suggested that we can teach Jayden to recognize, read and memorize the 12 months of the calendar year.

A new task for Jayden!

Coincidentally Ed brought back few calendars and started flicking through the pages with Jayden as there are nice pictures and wordings. At the same time Ed taught him to recognise calendar months. He learn to read the months quickly within a day or two.

However to our surprise, not only did he know how to read the months, he could also remember the pictures of the respective months as well.

He can say out which month it is when we show him the page randomly, covering the words.

We realized it's actually a very good and effective way to train him on his photographic memory skills!

Photographic memory at work! :o)


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