23 December, 2007

Jayden Loves To Play Puzzle Games

Jayden loves solving puzzles.

We bought him a 12 piece puzzle during one of our shopping trip as he was fussing to get off the stroller. At first we thought it will be difficult for him as it states that it is for kids 3 YO and above. Surprise surprise, Jayden manages to solve the first one and we bought him the second 12 pieces puzzle and it took him less than 2 weeks to complete.

He is pretty good at it now and takes less than 3 minutes to complete one puzzle.

Watch the puzzle kid in action!

Honestly I really hate puzzles..... I would hammer in the pieces even though I know they don't fit in cos' I really think they SHOULD fit in!

Anyway, I do hope the kid doesn't take after me when it comes to puzzle fixing..... Duh.


wow nice blog. i liked it

wow nice blog. i liked it