11 December, 2007

Jayden Is 21 months old

Amazed at how times flies, Jayden is now 21mths old.

He is learning fast and can now recognise both english and chinese words pretty well. In fact, we realise he likes chinese more than english now and at times when we read to him he will demand us to teach him in chinese/mandarin. During Ed's recent trip to Guangzhou, he bought him more chinese books and am glad that he loves them all!

See....he is still a cheerful cheeky littel fellow...despite having more books than toys..cos we have made the learning at home a fun game for all!

But wait, it's not just books all the time. Mommy did buy him a toy too! And it's an excavator to be precise! I realized Jayden loves to see the excavator "in action" whenever we walk pass construction sites (we have a few upgrading projects going on at the HDB flats opposite our place) and I thought he might really like it to have a mini one at home!

So here's the little construction boy in action!

So it's not just all study and no play for Jayden. He still gets his fun with toys!
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