31 December, 2007

Before The Year Ends.....

.... I wanna put in the last post of 2007 for Jayden's Journey.

Last week has been a busy week jam packed with activities for the Christmas celebration. I couldn't find time to blog.... and then right after I was down with a bad runny nose.


It's been a great year for Ed, Jayden and I. It's a year that's filled great surprises, happiness and joy..... but of course there were moments of torment, frustrations and bewilderment, maybe not so much of it for Ed and Jayden but for me, that is.

The beginning of year 2007 was full of excitement when both Ed and I we were looking forward for Jayden to turning 1......

Towards the mid-year the 3rd quarter of the year was full of frustrations for me as Jayden was beginning to be always down with either viral fever *he was hit thrice*, flu bug was constantly hanging onto him, he was down with persistent coughs and had to be on the neubrilizer once. And not to mention the food war that almost drove me nuts. Those were the moments that I would never wanna reminisce......

But as the year was about to end, things did turned for the better for all of us.

With the extra help from the maid, Ed was able to do better at his career. Well.... maybe I'll just say that Ed ended his year with a BLAST.

I recently brought Jayden to see another PD that was recommended by Gina and Mommy Per. With the appetite booster multi vits and lung tonic that the PD prescribed, Jayden seems to have a better immunity and better appetite. Weight recorded yesterday was at 9.9kg! Both the PD and I were beaming with joy because so far this is the best weight gain in one of the shortest span of time!

And as for academic aspect, Jayden have received good comments for his 2nd term report from his Shichida Teacher. *I'll do a separate post on that!*

As for me, well...... all I can say now is that I'm contented and happy. Things have definitely turned for the better after the maid came. Though she did gave me some problems in the beginning and I was very tempted to have her replaced, she's now taking more initiative in her work and show more sense of responsibility and diligence. Of course she's not 100% perfect but I can say her work is satisfactory.

And before the last day of 2007 ends, I wanna bid goodbye to a grudge that I have been harboring for a year.... or even longer than that, I don't remember. But finally I'm able to let go. It can be forgotten but never forgiven. End of the story.

There's also one thing that Ed and I have been planning to do but never get to do it til today *before the year ends, AGAIN! Haha!* We finally brought the kid to Botanical Gardens this afternoon. And true to what I've predicted, the kid did run amok.

We brought him to the open fields where there were family having picnics and kids playing football. Both Ed and I thought he seems to be having the time of his life.

Jayden's happy. Ed's happy. And I'm happy. There's really nothing more that I could asked for.

Goodbye 2007.

I wish everyone a very happy new year :o)


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