23 November, 2007

Life Is Good

No, don't worry I'm not promoting insurance for Great Eastern though I've used their slogan for this post.

I just want to tell everyone that life is good when there is someone at your beck and call, practically for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The maid has been here for almost a month now. Life hasn't been this good since Jayden was born. Looking back, why the hell did I not get a maid until a month back? Of course in the beginning she did gave me some problems.

First day, she was doing just alright. And being someone who hasn't had a maid in the past (my parent's maids not counted lar) I was pretty much lost on how to orientate her when she first step into our home.

Second day she also did ok. 2nd day, can't expect too much, can we? Must pang chance a bit lar.

Third day afternoon, made some silly request which I don't think it's necessary for her to do so. Told her off. I can see she was upset but when I said NO means NO. By evening time she started sobbing. I had to call the agency and get someone to speak to her. Turned out that she was feeling homesick, missed her 8 year old son and her husband. Put myself in her shoes I can understand completely but as her employer I cannot show too much of a compassion or else she will never get over the homesickness and I would have to have her replaced.

Fourth day, things got better and she's showing improvement in her work.

Fifth day while preparing for Jayden's lunch she told me she's having a headache. I had to let her go take a rest for about 3 hours.

On day six, she again show me different "pattern". I think I've been kind and patient enough. It's time I had to lay some rules and set things straight. I gave her a prep talk, gave her warnings and told her to get her act together and better buck up on doing her chores and change her attitude.

That was 3 weeks back.

Today, things are much much better. She has set in the routine for the chores, taken initiative to get things done and I can see that her attitude has changed for the better. She has also taken the initiative to play and entertain Jayden whenever she sees me trying to go on the laptop while the kid is "koala-ing" my legs.

Now with the help of the maid, I.......

* stop msning/smsing/calling my hubby asking him what time he'll be back from work
* have been more patient with Jayden
* smell better
* less grumpy
* smile more
* worry less *about who's gonna look after the kid while I bath!*
* neck ache and backache seems to be gone!
* sleep longer and better!

Of course with the maid, expenses has gone up (with the salary and the levy) and I have to be alittle more prudent on my spending but looking how things has improved I think the monetary sacrifices is definitely worth it. I could see Ed more relaxed and can concentrate better on his work. As for me, I couldn't be happier.

The maid is definitely a great help to me. Though she's far from perfect and sometimes she does slack a little on doing her chores but she has effectively carry out what I've requested, I'm contented enough.

So now I'm proud to annouce that I'm a happy momma :o)

Life IS good.


Glad that it woked out well for you and you n Ed are much happier n relaxed. :)

sounds like you can now relax! Hehe, so guess we wouldn't hear you go "Jayden, I wanna strangle you!!" again?!