26 November, 2007

I'm No Pushover

Talk bad about me once, I will just ignore.
Talk bad about me twice, still I will try to ignore.
Talk bad about me thrice, I will start cursing and swearing in my heart in silence.
Continue to say me some more and I will curse you out loud.

I'm usually not a sarcastic person and I don't suan people anyhow. If I ever start suaning, you will know that it's because I don't want to be a pushover anymore and I had enough.

Stop gloating, stop comparing and stop finding excuses to tell me that you have never said any of those stuff about me and my son before. I know you did.

Don't act innocent, don't act to be a victim, don't act blur. Because you are not, even though you succeeded most of the time.

Enuff said.


To those who are good to you, be good to them.

To those who do not fall into the category, be good to yourself.


PS: I was inspired to decorate my blog header by you (or Mr Pea), but I failed miserably. (Now the header looks so kindergartenish!)Sob Sob... will the experts here bestow advice please??

Yes mdm, in what ways can I help? Have you tried software like Imageedit and Photoshop?...They can do wonders for your blog =D
- Mr Pea

Otherwise private tuition at our house, provided you bring HH along :D
- Sweetpea

heehee, mr pea, I was contemplating an easier way out. I was hoping YOU can do wonders to my header. hiak hiak hiak...

But I will settle for the private tuition, mrs pea. ;p HH will come. Promise.

ah per arh ah per,
Mr Pea do wonders to yr header or not I dunno lar but sure can do suisui for HH lar. But hor u must at least tell us wad u like leh, cannot anyhow do mah, right?

U bring HH come lar, den tell mr pea how sui u wan den he do lor! Easy peasy! Eh for HH nia hor, not for any tom, dick and harry hor! :o)


*muacks* for mdm pea. :)

HH will *muak* mr pea herself when she sees him.

(heehee.... can tell I am happy like spider ya?)

Actually, the 3 elements of my blog header are what I want - Title, ASL signs and the motto. The design, I will respect the designer 101%. ;p

Tom, Dick and Harry, please hor. Don't u dare come make a similar request. This preferential treatment is for HH only.


My name is neither Tom, Dick nor Harry leh. Can? *LOL*