24 November, 2007

Born Genius? I Hope!

Found this article while I was doing an online search about the child prodigy named Marc Yu.

Couldn't agree more on what it says about geniuses being born or trained, and the importance of nurturing a child's intelligence at a young age:

"The experts interviewed in the programme say the same thing: Intelligence can be inborn, but it must be nurtured at a young age to help the mind achieve its full potential. And the earlier you catch a child to nurture his mind, the better the brain becomes learning and developing. But deprive a growing brain of the opportunity to learn, and the young mind will be crippled when it has passed the development stage."

My belief: every child has the potential to be genius when he or she is being nurtured with lots of love, patience, positive teachings and attitude.

But of course, who dun hope that their kids are born geniuses, I also hope lah!


Jayden look SO CHARMING in that apron!!! Good start mommy, am sure next time you will be busy fighting off the bangs on your door by eager girls!!

paisei, in my haste, i err comment on the wrong post leh