12 November, 2007


Two months back, Carla gave me 2 complimentary vouchers for a studio photo shoot at makeoverinc. The complimentary vouchers include 1x 4R for the kid and 1x4R for me.

It was almost a year since Jayden has some decent pictures taken in a studio. I had great fun during the photoshoot at Foto-U last year. We booked our slot and went ahead with the shoot. I was actually looking forward to it.

Of course we all know 世上没有白吃的午餐。We end up forking out almost S$200 for the extra pics that we have chosen. These people just love to "sweet talk" their clients into buying more and more pictures.

I'm thankful that somehow my pictures didn't turn out well, or should I say they are not up to my expectations. Jayden's ones turn out pretty nice.

How can we resist not buying the kid's pictures?

Did I had fun this time round? Sad to say NO. Jayden was way too active and he was very curious about everything in the studio except the photographer and his camera. Just 20mins into the shoot and I was asking the photographer "how long more!?"

In the end, Ed had to whip out his mobile phone and for me I used the Coke bottle so that the kid would sit still!

Photographer was telling us maybe Jayden could be the next spokeskid for Coke or Sony Ericsson.... Hmm.


This is like so fun. Happy Family!