14 November, 2007

20 Months Old And Still A Baby....

Jayden has turned 20 months old a few days back.

Usually I would have remembered of the day he turned a month older but somehow for this month it just slipped off my mind. 20 months..... I wished he's 20 years old instead! But then I would have been 20 years older too!

At 20 months, Jayden is at 83cm tall and weighing a mere of 9.1kg. Finally he crossed the 9kg mark, even though it's just by a 100grams I'm very happy.


Into the 2nd term of learning the Shichida Method, Jayden has been showing vast improvements on his photographic memory, language and finger training skills. He could memorize words rather quickly and read certain words in his storybooks.

I've been diligent in flashing the cards to him almost everyday (except when he's down with fever) and I've glad to see that my efforts has been paid off. He could recite at least 68 words from the flashcards when shown to him and I'm very glad that he's receptive to flashcards and the math dots cards.

He's also been showing great interest in learning more words, English and Chinese. For example, if he sees a picture of a tiger, he will say "tiger" and "老虎"。He can count up to 12 in English and up to 10 in mandarin.

As for physical developments, he's doing pretty well and PD reported that his physical development is in accordance to the standards as stated in the health book. And this is one kid who can really move fast the doctor said!


I've come to terms that Jayden will not be eating rice as compared to his peers. Most of the kids this age has already started to munch on their rice accompanied by table food and delicious soup. My kid is just one of those fussy eaters who just like soft and mushy stuff like his nua nua porridge and his noodles ie. hor fun, kway teow, beehoon, yellow egg noodles and so on....

Not eating rice is actually no big deal. The most important thing is he's eating and eating well. No food war, no force feeding and no headaches during meal times and I'm a contented momma :o)

One thing that I'm happy about is Jayden has been taking more milk recently. From 7oz we have increased his night and morning feed to 8oz each. So on a average day he drinks at least 16oz. Not bad for a lousy drinker!

So since he's eating and drinking well, how come he never grow fatter? Well... PD has only two explanations. This kid is either way too active who just burns off all the fats or he takes after the daddy or the mommy for the skinny genes. Ok, definitely not me. I was a chubby baby when I was at Jayden's age. IT'S THE DADDY'S FAULT!


The Terrible Two is definitely here, no doubt about it. Enslave them Mommy Per? Nope it doesn't work for this kid alright! The only thing that can stop Jayden from his nonsense tantrums and persistent dangerous stunts and acts - the cane. I know it's bad but I'm someone who believes in "spare the rod, spoil the child". At this age if you let them do whatever they want, I think it would be very difficult to discipline the child in the later stage.

So far Jayden has only been caned once by Ed. After that incident, whenever we says the word "cane", Jayden would drop anything forbidden that he's holding, stop all persistent stunts and acts, and he will run towards the mommy *ME* to seek refuge or 靠山。Really very effective!

This is my favourite pic of Jayden taken at the recent photo shoot at Makeoverinc. Ed was actually tickling his tummy while the photographer was clicking away on his camera.

20 months old toddler. But yet still so much of a baby to me......

Grow faster can, Jayden?