26 October, 2007

A Worthy Sunday

Last Sunday was one of those rare days in a weekend that we needn't had to rush to run errands at the mall, go to the supermarket to replenish a week's of food supply, or had anywhere in particular to go.

Well, we still had to have our week's worth supply of food from the supermarket, but I had sent Ed to run the errand on his own while I stayed at home to prepare Jayden's lunch while he napped. I'm really now making a point not to bring the boy to aircon places ie. malls, supermarkets if I can help it. Still we cannot avoid the Shichida classes, no choice.

So how did we spend last Sunday?

Right in the morning after Jayden's breakfast, we went for a long walk and found another playground nearby!

This is a total different playground as compared to the one at our place. This one has got swings, see-saw and SAND! I must admit I got pretty excited that we stumble upon this playground cos' I think these days you could hardly find a playground with the SWING!!!!

Jayden has never walk on sand before and he was thrilled and at the same time giving us weird looks as the sand went into his sandals.

Ed definitely had a great time trying out the swing and see-saw with Jayden.

And it's cycling time at ECP after lunch!

Though it was quite a long and tiring ride from Tanjong Katong to ECP, I had to say I really enjoyed it. We cycled through streets like the Crescent Road, Bournemouth Road and a few others that I couldn't recall, all being situated at Mountbatten Road area. I love to cycle pass those big beautiful private houses.....

We stopped at MacDonalds for a short break from the "intensive" cycling (my legs felt as if they are gonna snap! Long time no cycle for so far and so long time lar!)

Never thought that MacDonalds would have any healthy food for a 1.5 year old kid til the steamed corns came along! Jayden loves to pick up the small yellow little squares and pop them into his mouth!

And as we were setting off for the long ride home, we received a call from Ah Gong asking us to suggest a venue for dinner. We are eating out!!!!!

So we chiong home, quickly let Jayden take his evening bath, stuffed him full with his dinner and off we go to Zi Yean restaurant for our dinner at 7.30pm!

At the restaurant during our dinner, this is what happened....

Jayden practising his Yam-Sengs!

I think Jayden is trying to get all gear up for Aunty Jas and Uncle Vinc's BIG DAY!

Actually hor I really love to shout Yam-Sengs during wedding banquet leh..... I even shouted Yam-Sengs during my own wedding dinner with the mic right in my hands! My Father-in-law and Ed's elder brother was....erm.... a bit stunned.

So I reckon Jayden sure takes after me for that!