02 October, 2007

Jayden The Flim Director

One of Jayden's favourite gadget was Ed's mobile phone.

Actually it's a very bad habit that he has cultivated. Whenever he fusses badly, Ed will just whip out his mobile phone and pass it to Jayden so that we can either watch our favourite tv program, or eat our meals in peace.

And from there, Jayden learns how to unlock the keypad, switches the phone to photoshoot or video mode and starts taking pictures and short movies. There was one time he sent his pic via mms to Ed's clients. I can imagine they must be feeling very bewildered why are they receiving pics of a goofy looking kid.

Ok... here is one movie that Jayden directed.

Don't say I never give warning ah.... Watch it at your own risk!

I hope you are not having a headache.