12 October, 2007

He's 19 Months Old

And he's becoming of a terror. And again he celebrated being a month older with lots of bottles of medicine.

I brought Jayden to see a new PD in the east as I wanted to get a second opinion on Jayden's underweight issue and also his very persistent cough. 4 visits to this PD and I'm S$600 poorer. Daylight robbery?! I dunno. Maybe. All I wish now is for Jayden to fully recover from his runny nose and persistent cough.

High consultation fees this PD might be charging but what he said about Jayden being underweight was quite a consolation for me. In short, he assured me that there's no reason to get too worried and uptight about Jayden's low weight as he can see that Jayden is way too active to be putting on weight fast.

Other than this, whatever else he says sounds rather stoooopid.

On the 3rd visit and that's when Jayden was done with the runny nose, he asked me "how did the child caught the runny nose? Anyone down at home? You brought him to aircon places again? Played with an infected child?" and he finished off by saying "Ah mommy's fault lar!" Even when I have answered "NO" to all the questions that he asked. And NO it's really a NO ok, I'm not lying.

And who the hell on earth would want their kid to purposely get sick right? Really feel like giving him one tight slap in the face. Stooopid doctor asking stooopid questions. Or maybe he really thinks I'm a stooopid mom.

Anyway, back to the kid.

As I've said, the kid is really getting on my nerves these days. He would, out of no reason or rhyme, throw tantrums. Sometimes he will cry and cling onto me and refuse to let me go cook his lunch. There were times I really had to ignore his cries, just plonk him infront of the tv and run off to quickly get his lunch cooked. And he would sit at the couch, cry on and off. No choice, maid haven't come so I can only ask the TV for help.

Hate to admit but no choice that I have to admit. Jayden is gone into the phase of the Terrible Two:

  • he hits my niece
  • throws toys at his cousins
  • stomp his feet, pounces his clenched fists onto anyone who carries him *even to Ed* when he doesn't get his way
  • twist and turn his body to get down and chiong off to anywhere he wants to go when he's been carried.
  • smack or pushes anyone who touches his toys. Where is the virtue of sharing that he has learnt in the earlier days?!
  • Keep on saying "不要! 不要!" And he really knows the meaning of it and he meant it when he says it.

This is really one feisty kid. I sometimes wonder is he taking after me or Ed?

Fiesty, stubborn, bad tempered...or is it really the Terrible Two phase, I just hope it will go away really soon.

I really love this picture of Jayden, taken by Chris. Thanks Chris!