06 September, 2007

Jayden & Daddy Doing Colours

Ed and I have been trying to teach Jayden to recognize colours using the Baby's First - Colour book. We thought Jayden could really identify the different colours but only later did we realized that he actually recognizes the word.

We have a box of non-toxic markers with 12 different colours. They were meant for Ed and I to work on some personalise flash cards for Jayden. But sad to say we didn't start on it till now and the box of markers become one of Jayden's favourite "toy". He would take them out 1 by 1 and then put them back into the box again.

And 1 week back, Ed and I thought of a way to put these markers to a better use.

Here's the result 1 week later.

What's next? Shapes maybe? :o)


Good job, Jayden! He can say the color words very clearly! wow! 8)

I'm impress..Hi Jayden mummy.. Thru ur joruney.. it had inspired me to write a blog on my own as well.. can i link ur blog from my own.. tys..

Verli verli de impressed. haha, your Jayden ah is a role model for all the other March babies know.
ZQ still not able to pronounce the words properly ....Jayden can already speak so many words! *Kow Tow.

I must say that I am super impressed with Jayden and both Ed and u. You really inspire me to teach YX color too ...

I am super super IMPRESSED! esp the beidge and grey for such young age he is able to say so clearly. WELL DONE to both of you & yr hb's effort. Passerby

Good job Good job Jayden!
I am very impressed that you can pronounce the words so clearly.

wow, im very very impress n amazing on the speed of jayden learn all the thing. He is really the role of model among all mar babies, well done jayden. Good job for daddy n mummy