08 September, 2007

Family Day Out

In another few days' time Jayden will be turning 18 months old and Ed thought we could do with a little early celebration.

We took off to Underwater World at Sentosa Island.

As usual I had to wake up at 5.30am to cook the nua nua porridge so that I can lug it along for Jayden's lunch. I'm still quite uneasy giving him outside food.

First stop - Pink Dolphin Lagoon

But it seems that this little fella don't really know how to appreciate the dolphins' performances.

Next stop - Underwater world

"Fish.... Fish.... FISH!" was all he's saying as we entered the tourist-packed Underwater World. Jayden wasn't afraid of touching the fishes especially the sting rays! Definitely he's taking after Ed for this cos' Ed is the ardent diver!

Fun Bus Ride Around Sentosa

And the trip round Sentosa can't end without going on a bus ride around the island. This kid just love being on the bus....

We head off to Vivocity for lunch after we are done with Underwater World. We could have explore a bit more on the island but somehow we feel that Jayden is still too young to appreciate the other stuff ie. Merlion, musical fountain, butterfly garden etc. etc. etc. and we didn't prepare ourselves for a beach trip and so we left after the visit to Underwater World. We think he would probably enjoy himself more at Toys'R'Us!

The poor kid was so tired that he was totally knocked out during our short drive to VivoCity...

Lunch At Sushi Tei
Jayden seems to know that Daddy and Mommy were famished and so he continued taking his nap while Ed and I savoured our yummy Japanese lunch!

A little bit of ice-cream, as a form of reward for Jayden, since he's such an understanding boy letting Daddy and Mommy eat their lunch in peace. And he also finished his nua nua porridge that Mommy painstakingly cooked for him this morning at 5.30am!!!

Shopping and Haircut at Toys'R'Us
We were shopping for toys for Jayden and we walked pass the little corner where Junior League has a small booth. I was thinking one stone kill two birds, shop and then get Jayden's hair cut! Look at the little fella trying to fend off the snipping scissors!

And here is how he look with his new hairstyle! Ed and I felt that it's a little too short!

Jayden goofing around with this new keyboard.

"Testing testing 1 2 3... is this mic working?"

"La...La... La...."

"I sounded OK mah?......"

"Hee hee ... dun laugh at me leh.... I know I don't sound as good as daddy lar..."

"Come, let me belt out my favourite song Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes..."

I was dead tired after a whole day of events..... so dead tired. But seeing how happy both the son and dad were, I thought it was quite worth it even if I had to wake up at 5.30am.


woohoo, a new blogskin! It's very very nice! And hor, I think jayden looks very smart and handsome with his new haircut. At first, he looked less goofy - until he flashed that trademark smile with no eyes! hehe! still as funny!

Jayden's looking very smart in his new haircut!! his smiles are sooooo cute!! loves his karoke pics!

Hello to my favourite baby genius *throws smooches at Jay*! Hmmm... since you guys have finished teaching him his alphabets, colours and shapes, it's time to teach him to play songs on the keyboard. And after that, there's always calculus. Haha! Nice blogskin, by the way.