25 August, 2007

What A Day!

"Bus! Bus! Bus!" yelled Jayden.

This is what happens whenever he sees a bus stopping at the bus stop during our usual morning walks. There were a few occasions the bus driver really thought that we were gonna board the bus and they actually waited for us! But I signalled "No, sorry...."

Jayden has gone on a short bus trip before but that was when he was about 7months old.

So yesterday, I decided to we should go on a longer bus trip with at least 20mins on board the bus. The silly fella was in total shock when we finally boarded the bus, so much so that he was all quiet and didn't dare to move much! Haha! It was quite a funny sight!

I tried very hard to use my mobile phone's camera to try catching a few shots of the shocked looking fella, but they didn't turn out nice... But luckily Ed was waiting for us at our designated bus stop and he took a shot of us alighting the bus!

It was a fun ride!

But hey, how come we are taking a bus? Where are we going? We could have taken a cab to our destination, but I wanted Jayden to experience the bus ride and of course I could save a bit of $ for more shopping!

And so we alight at Orchard Road to meet up with Ed and then off we go to this place!

When we first step into GoGo Bambini I was totally appalled with kids yelling, crying and alot of commotion! This wasn't the first impression that I wanted! But still we proceeded. We just wanted to check out the "supposedly" to be a fun place for kids to play and for adults to hangout place.

So why is a clean freak *me* bringing her kid to a place that she was disapproving of in the past? Mixing with so many other kids..... not afraid to catching viruses, the place not being disinfected and cleaned, not worrying about her kid touching dirty balls and stuff?

Oh well...... Jayden has to grow up and I can't deprive him of having fun at such kids' hangout.... And I've read up on GoGo Bambini's website that they are quite stringent on cleanliness. I'll let their website do the talking. Go check it out if you are interested to bring your kid there to sweat it out!

Take a look at my little gwapo working out at the ball pit :o)

It's his first experience in a ball pit and it's totally awesome!

He's all smiles while the daddy was clicking his camera away.

Jayden decided to sit down and read a book, taking a rest from all the running around, goofing and "swimming" in the pool of balls.

After 2mins of rest he joined the other kids at the ball pit again!

For a total of 1.5hours, Jayden sweat it out at the play area specially designated for kids 3 years and below.

Before we made this trip I actually called in advance and asked if there's anything on their menu that's suitable for a 1.5 YO kid. There were chicken nuggets (made from fresh chicken), fries, salads, sandwiches, cut fruits and 2 types of pasta served. I chose the cheesy pasta.

When the pasta was served to us, Jayden demanded to be fed almost immediately. I think he was really very hungry after all the activities.

He actually opened his mouth wide after the first taste of the cheesy pasta. I gotta admit the pasta was rather tasty.... and I bet Jayden liked it because...... THERE'S SALT ADDED IN!

Oh what the heck, I was thinking. It's time that I should let my little gwapo try out some outside food. Yes it's a salty but as long as I don't give him such food everyday it should be just fine. He's turning one and a half year old in 2 weeks' time.

So my verdict for GoGo Bambini, here it is:

The place was filled with ang mohs, Caucasians, Eurasians.... Surprisingly Chinese is of a minority there! And the minority of Chinese moms were those that are married to the ang mohs! *Except me of course!* Maids were the ones supervising the kids, not the parents.... Most of the moms were found yakking away at the cafe which is just a few feet away from the play area.

And guess what? Steven Chia, the anchorman for CNA's prime time morning news was there too... Not bad arh, can rub rub shoulders with a celebrity leh!

The good:
It's a fun, safe and baby-friendly place for kids and mommies to hangout.
There's a good variety of food available and you can let your child interact with other kids from different races.

The bad:
The play area for 0-3 year old kids is a little small as compared to the play area for bigger kids.

Cleanliness wise, I was alittle disappointed as the place wasn't as clean as I had expected.... I found a maid and the kid that she was supervising, not even wearing socks. (All kids and adults are to be wearing socks in the play area). When I questioned her why wasn't she and her kid wearing any, she just gave me a lame excuse saying that they didn't have any. Lame excuse, simply irresponsible.

The other thing that pisses me off was, I saw a caucasian mommy and her daughter eating a banana right at the ball pit. The sign that says "No eating at the play area" was just right in front of her on the wall. The mommy speaks English ok, so DON'T TELL ME SHE CAN'T READ ANG MOH! Some more her ang moh is slang one lor! I was so damn tempting to just go right at her face and tell her to read the sign aloud. Ed said NO. Duh.

So the conclusion is...... ok lar, not too bad a place. I would give the place another shot but will try out any days from Mondays to Thursdays. Fridays and weekends will be way too crowded. Some of the kids are really wild and even if they are below 3 years of age, they can be really chor lor and anyhow ok?! There were a couple of kids just dived into the ball pit without looking out for the younger ones!

During the car ride home, still feeling guilt stricken on feeding Jayden the salty cheesy pasta, I asked Ed. "How arh? Sekali Jayden realized he can get tasty food like the pasta today, then he don't want the nua nua plain porridge then how, How, HOW?!"

"Aiya that means our boy is very smart to know that he can get tasty food liao lor!"

Aiyo.... just what kind of consolation is that? @#$%&!!!!!


Over a year, can eat salt already :)