28 August, 2007

On The Mend

Ed took leave yesterday and together we brought Jayden to see the PD.

Surprisingly the PD didn't say anything about Jayden not gaining any weight at all from the last we weigh him at the clinic.... which was about 3 weeks ago. I asked him instead. And he explained that because Jayden was gaining height, that's why the weight gain was zero.

So Jayden was diagnosed as having a viral fever. Probably he caught the nasty bug from last Friday's outing, or Elizabeth, who was having a runny nose and sore throat a few days back. PD prescribed and recommended pure fish oil to boost his immunity.

Since Ed was on leave and he assured that he's capable of handling Jayden alone, I took off to do a bit of quick shopping.

Bought a box of non-toxic crayons for Jayden and some mahjong papers..... Look at the little artist at work.

"Mommy.... please stop taking pictures.... you are disturbing me....."

Jayden admiring his work of art.
*The apple and other shapes were drawn by me. Jayden is a smart kid BUT NOT THAT SMART YET!*

Obviously he's not satisfied with the art piece and started trampling on it!

I'm really relieve to see him as active even though he's still running a temperature.