26 August, 2007

Oh No......

Jayden is down with fever again last night and he's now running a temperature of 37.8 degrees.

I don't want to attribute the cause of it to the outing we had on Friday but rather to the reason that he's teething at the moment.

We are supposed to go offer our prayers to 奶奶, 太爷爷and 太奶奶 at the temples later, followed by dinner with 爷爷 and Ed's siblings.

They are all looking forward to see Jayden again, since last week's dinner was cancelled because I was breaking out in viral rash.

I don't want to disappoint them again.

Let's hope Jayden will be well enough to step out of the house later in the afternoon.

Edited to add:
We made it to the temple and dinner cos' Jayden's temperature drop to a 37.5 degrees just before we step out of the house.

Everyone enjoyed the sumptous dinner and Jayden managed to entertain 大伯,大伯母,姑姑s, 姑丈s and 爷爷 with all his mischief acts and cheeky expressions.

I'm glad we didn't disappoint them this time.

However, when we got home at 9pm and measured Jayden's temperature, the thermometre shows 38.5 degrees..... It's defintely not due to teething. I wonder what it is this time....

Gonna bring Jayden to see the PD again tomorrow.