16 August, 2007

Football Fanatics

I'm living with not 1, BUT 2 football fanatics.

Maybe I should say 1 Liverpool diehard (Ed), and 1 Liverpool diehard wannabe (Jayden).

Like father like son.......

Let's hope Jayden will not complain to the Daddy that how come they are crazily supporting a football team that hasn't won the league for 18 years.......

This is how Ed trains his junior the art of shouting "GOAL!".

I still cannot figure out what's so great about 11 men chasing after 1 ball????? Very exciting meh? Must scream GOAL until like an ah siao and jumping around like a monkey????!

But if you ever caught me watching a match, the one and only reason behind will be..... THERE'S A HUNK ON THAT FIELD!


OMG!!! That was SO CUTE of Jayden!! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw how he shouted goal with his hands in the air!!! Gotta show mr lotti!!

Err actually, Ashley also like to watch soccer. Since 3 months old. she never watch any other TV programs BUT soccer. Like you, I HATED soccer! hahaha!!!

wahahahahaha!!!!! soooooooooo cute!!!!!! Jayden is definitely a football fanatic! esp loves it when he shouts goal with his hands in the air!! 100% liverpool fan!