09 August, 2007

The Food War

It's officially began. I was just waiting for the war to be waged.

Jayden finally decided that he's not gonna take any more of porridge for lunch. He took less than half of it this afternoon. Even marmite didn't help one bit. I prepared myself for the worst when dinnertime came. But thank goodness he ate 3/4 of his dinner porridge.

It's high time I should be paying more attention to Jayden's meals and diet. I sat down with a 2 reference books, roughly worked out a strategy and planned my move.

Tomorrow I will wake up early to go to the wet market. I need to get ammunition to fight the war.

I must win this war. I have to. Wish me luck.


My dear, pray don't take this soooo seriously.

I mean, yeah, I know it's serious matter... but do try to keep things lighthearted.

I'm sure there were times you go to a food centre and can't find anything you want to eat, because everything just feels so BORING...

I think Jayden's just bored with his porridge and is protesting for new variety in his menu.

Besides we've all read about the toddler food war. Do your bit, but don't stress over things you can't control.

Try to make eating fun for Jayden. So he'll not feel your tension and may just learn to enjoy eating!

Jayden's healthy, even if he's not exactly fat. Besides, HH doesn't need BF to be human cushion, she's got bolsters of her own. ;p