14 August, 2007

The Battle

Fighting the food war with Jayden was really tough. So tough that at the end of Day 1 I was totally exhausted. Just day 1 and I really wish I could raise the white flag.

I felt totally drained and not even one bit of energy was left in me.

To make matters worse, I was running a fever and the temperature was going up and down like crazy. My bones were aching, my head spinning and my limbs felt as if they have been carrying sacks and sacks of rice......

Ed took over taking care of Jayden and I had to rush to EastShore A&E department for a quick blood test cos' the fever has been like for a week already and Ed was really worried that it's gonna be dengue fever. But thank god it's not, but I'm definitely down with some sort of infection as my lymph nodes were swelling. I was given a stronger dose of antibiotics.

Waiting for the blood test results to be out for a good 1 hour was really a good short break for me. To be away from the kitchen and from Jayden, I was able to think properly with a clear mind on the food war that I'm having.

Reading the following abstract from the magazine I brought along really is like a slap in the face.

  • Do not focus on your child's shortcomings.
  • Look for his or her strengths and praise them.
  • Believe your child will continue to improve. Do not regard the current phase of growth as final.
  • Do not be a perfectionist. Learn to relax and let go at times.
  • Do not make comparisons. Let your child grow at his or her own pace.
  • Do not place emphasis on academic achievements. Recognise and praise the effort put in instead.
  • Love your child unconditionally.

What was I doing?!

I decided not to go on war. I've asked for peace treaty.

I'm a happy mama again :o)


You have done very well my dear, good job! don't stress so much!!