09 July, 2007

Updates Updates

It's been more than a week since I last updated Jayden's blog.

All thanks to Maplestory (again!) for they were giving 2x EXP free everyday til 4 July, from 2-4.30pm and 8-10.30pm! I was totally into training Hoola every night...... and thanks to the free 2x EXP in conjuction with Maplestory's 2nd birthday bash, she levelled up to 81 in a weeks' time from level 80.

So now that the 2x EXP is gone, I'm back to updating Jayden's progress. I decided to take a break from mapling this morning and afternoon, and I updated with more than 3 posts on the activities that kept us all busy the whole week despite Ed and I were crazily mapling away.

Jayden is still the most important fella in our life :o)