25 July, 2007

The Office

Ginny says this is Jayden's office.

Almost everyday after his lunch, I would carry him out from his high chair and he would go sit at his "office" and start doing his "office work".

He will pull out his little stool and sit on it, starts to scribble on the doddle board and press the buttons. It just look as if he's really at work!

And when he's way too stress up with pressing the buttons, up he climbs onto the office table to de-stress!


he will def soar in his career next time!

where did you get this doodle board? i've been looking for 1 but can't anything as decent as yours. it comes with a table too?

Jayden really looks like he's at work! what a cool workstation!

I bought the "little office" from Toys'R'Us :o) It's actually an activity table. I've been looking for a doodle board for Jayden too but most of them stated that it's for 3 years and above cos' it comes with other small parts. This is the only one that I feel was safe enuff.

They are having 20% off on toys from this particular brand, quick go check it out!