11 July, 2007

New Hangout

This is where Jayden and I, my sisters, nieces and nephew hangout when the weather gets too hot and too torturing to stay at home and sweat.

We love the Lucky Station because the 泡泡茶 are just so good and cheap! My favourites are the passion fruit 红茶and the lychee ice blended. Of course I will ask for the chewy pearls! We've been there so regularly that even the 老板 also know what's our favourite flavours!

After we placed our orders at the counter, we'll just relax at the sitting area which has got AIR-CON!!!! And then there's the TV and a good selection of tidbits for the kids.

I would usually bring some of Jayden's snacks along ie. babybite rusks and Gerber fruit gummies and of course his drinking water in his favourite magmag cup. Most of the time he'll be happy munching away on his snacks while I indulge in my 泡泡茶 but I can tell that he's longing to have a taste of the cold icy drink in my hands!

But wait...... there's a new donut joint that just opened a few days back. Gotta check it out!

Munchy Donuts! How can we head home without buying some!

The queue was long with students vying for the donuts!

Finally after queueing for about 20mins, hot donuts right from the oven in our hands! They are as good as those from the Donut Factory I'd say! 阿宝 could down 3 of them at one go! So you can imagine how good they tasted!

Honestly I would have gobbled 4 at one go if not for my escalating weight.... sigh sigh.

Maybe I'll just eat 1 donut a day?...Hmm.


Mmmmmmm..... I love Donut, Your photo make me drooling. I want donut NOW!

Where are these 2 shops? The donut looks sooo tempting, I hope it is very far from my house :)