26 July, 2007

Much Dreaded Conversation

Much dreaded conversation #1 (face to face)

Aunty M: Jayden's quite small size hor?

Me: Yeah lor, no choice, doesn't like to drink milk.

Aunty M: *Looking at Jayden* Aiyo why mommy never feed you enough arh? So skinny... poor thing.

Me: *Getting pissed* Fat kids doesn't mean they are healthy lor.

Aunty M: *a bit stunned*

Me: *Giving her the final blow! Wootz!*
Fat doesn't mean the kid is smart lor. IT'S THE BRAIN THAT MATTERS OK?

Much dreaded conversation #2 (via MSN)

Ex-colleague D: You really flash 1oo cards to your boy a day arh?

Me: Yeah lar.

Ex-colleague D: Aiyo poor boy, so young must study liao.

Me: *getting pissed*
What poor boy? If I don't teach him anything then he's gonna be poor boy next time ok? I've seen how the kids struggle in school nowadays. Teaching him stuff now is to let him have a headstart so that he will have an easier time in school in the future!

Ex-colleague D: *sensing my pissed off -ness* Maybe lor.


Maybe Aunty M will delete my contact number from her mobile phone.

Maybe Ex-colleague D will block me from her MSN contact list.

Who cares?! Waste my breath only.


Hahahaah!!! I get that ALL THE TIME!! Bo chap ah! Rem I am mean lotti? I will ALWAYS answer back! hahaha!