09 July, 2007

First Real Bike Trip

Ed and I were once sport lovers.

We used to rollerblade, cycle, jog and play golf. We even took our golf lessons together with the same instructor.

But after the birth of Jayden.....

Now the golf clubs are sitting in the storeroom, white elephant. So sad.

Our rollerblades, sprouting mushrooms in the shoe cabinent. Pathetic.

Our bikes, they were previously getting all rust up, at the basement of the carpark, locked. With bugs weaving cocoons at the wheels, YUCKS!

But last week, we finally took our bikes for recon at the nearby bike shop! Finally the bikes see daylight! But of course, the bikes were recon for a very important purpose. Ed and I wanted to bring Jayden for a bike ride to East Coast Park.

And so we did. Yesterday. Right after swim class. Ed suggested it and I said "YES!"

I'm very much the kiasu and kiasi type and insisted on Ed to get the safety helmet for Jayden. But it's just way too big and the helmet keeps falling over Jayden's eyes! His hair was almost all wet when we removed the helmet. So no choice we had to let him go helmet-less for the time being.

Did we have fun? I'm not sure about Ed, but Jayden and I sure did. I could see Jayden enjoying the breeze as Ed cycle with a little speed and watching people rollerblading and joggers running up and down. I enjoyed myself so much that I didn't even mind getting sweaty and sticky at the end of it.


wah, Jayden looked like he's enjoying himself - can suck pacifier and enjoy bike ride! 8)

hohoho!!! you inspired me once again!! time to hit the bicycle track with Javier!

Can Jayden sit thru the journey?? He seems to enjoy the ride.