09 July, 2007

First Attempt - Yellow Noodles

Even though Jayden's not bored with his daily porridge for lunches and dinner, I was getting quite sick with it.

And therefore I decided to venture a little further with his meals, I gave him yellow noodles for 3 days for his lunches.

I did some variations.

For the first day, I added in a beaten egg.

Day 2, I did away with the egg, added in shredded minced up chicken from the drumstick.

Day 3, I added in brocoli to give it a nicer colour.


Well, it fared pretty well and Jayden took it quite ok.

The down side is he took alittle longer to finish it up and it was not easy for me to gauge whether he had enough and whether he was full or not. He took quite awhile to chew each mouthful and the noodles turned cold quite quickly.

Here's what I used:
1/2 chicken breast
1/2 stalk of celery
4 slices of large yellow onion
1/4 of a large carrot

How I cooked it:

With half a pot of water, cook the chicken breast
Add in the vegetables

Scald the noodles in a small pot of boiling water *for getting rid of the oil and salt*
Snip it short with scissors.
Just pour the stock over the noodles and serve.
If you prefer the noodles to be more soggy for easy chewing, just boiled the noodles in the stock for another 15mins.

Easy isn't it? I gonna give kuey teow a try very soon.