26 July, 2007

Can't Hold Back No More

I know I can't hold it back any longer. It's bound to happen sooner or later.

Jayden demanded for a spoon yesterday, he wanted to feed himself. The nightmare has begun. More cleaning, more washing, more changing and more arm wrestling.

Anyway he's way behind some of his peers when it comes to self feeding and I guess it's time for me to let go.

This is the first attempt that he's handling the spoon on his own. The last time was using the fork. Realized the spoon is a little more tricky cos' if it's tilted the wrong way, the food just goes anywhere except into the mouth. Look at left eye, he's got cereals there!

Jayden you just gotta aim more accurately!


My maid stop letting ash self feed cuz its too messy. coincidentally, i also ler her start again recently. so usually i will go hide myself so i wont see the terrible mess she is in!!