10 June, 2007

Yay! She Won!

I'm glad she won the French Open, again. I've been rooting for her ever since I saw her defeating Serena Williams and Jennifer Capriati a few years back.

I think she's really a tough cookie. And she won yesterday's match with straight sets. Isn't she good? She's got this unassuming look that I find it appealing.

I've been thinking of a girl's name that begins with a J... for my next baby girl, IF I ever wanna go through the whole tormenting experience again. Ok it's not that tormenting NOW, but it's really tormenting for the first 3 months. Probably Justine would be a nice name. And she's my favourite world No.1 female tennis player.

And talking about having number 2, I recalled a conversation I had with Ed a week back. He was getting ready to set off to go work.

Me: So what do you say, wanna have another kid, preferably a GIRL?!

Ed: Ok! I'll be most happy if you think you wanna go for it. *Struggling to put his working shoe on at the right foot and balancing on his left, perspiring but trying to look cool*

Me: You sure?

Ed: Yeah yeah..... *perspiring badly now, finally managed to put on both his shoes*

Me: I'm not really sure leh.....

Ed: Erm... wah very hot hor? Ok on second thought better not lar, see so hot, global warming! Very suffering for the poor child!

Ed must be feeling very very hot.



I'm laughing at Ed. Yes.


I'm still laughing at Ed.


Work hard Daddy! Mommy's reformed!