05 June, 2007

While I Was Out Shopping....

While I was having some time-off and shopping at Orchard Road Daddy daringly brought Jayden out and had lotsa fun!

Hmmmmmph! How could he?! Without me?! But then I was having fun shopping and accompanying 阿宝 to her dental appointment at Ngee Ann City.

See how much fun Jayden and the daddy was having.

Ed did tell me where he brought Jayden to... I think it's somewhere at East Coast Park but I really couldn't figure out the exact location!

These shots were taken when Jayden was running away from the daddy. Ed said Jayden thought they were playing catching! See how cheeky he is!

He's walking pretty well now, but he still falls once in awhile when he's walking fast or when he gets too excited over stuff that gets in his path.

Elder sis commented that Jayden seems to have more fun and get to go interesting places when Ed babysits him. Sigh sigh, that's because Ed drives and I can't.... If I were to bring him out it's gonna be either by foot or by the taxi... very tedious leh.

I'm seriously thinking of learning how to drive and get my license once Jayden is old enough to go school.


mr pea is really good with children hor! err even drive i wont go park leh, SO HOT!!

envy envy.... Mr Pea is really a doting daddy. i better tell my hb to buck up!