05 June, 2007

Unwelcome Guests

We have not 1 but 2 unwelcome guests yesterday night.

Unwelcome Guest - Cockroach Number 1

Entered into our apartment via the master bedroom's toilet window. Discovered by Daddy.
Daddy spent about 15 mins "entertaining" him and finally giving it a smashin' good time with the newspaper.
Down the toilet bowl it went.

Unwelcome Guest - Another cockroach, Number 2

How he entered into our apartment? Unknown. Discovered by me while I was going to prepare Jayden's milk.
I tried very hard not to scream. I called out to Daddy softly (afraid that i might frighten Jayden) but FIRMLY.
I don't know how long the daddy "entertained" Number 2 for, but when I went into the kitchen with Jayden's empty bottles, Daddy was already cleaning up the "crime scene".

I hate all these creepy crawlies.... it makes me wonder if my kitchen cabinets are actually breeding them.

Actually I hate my apartment.

I swear never ever to stay or buy any projects developed by the "Near West" cos I seriously think that our place here has serious sewage problem. And I have also seen at least 3 times rats running around at the ground floor near the rubbish chutes when I brought Jayden down for our routine walks.

The daddy and I had to live:

  1. constant choked sinks
  2. windows that gives us creaky sounds when the wind blows strong
  3. lousy kitchen cabinets that started to give way just 6months right after we moved in

and the list goes on for other nitty gritty stuff.....

Never ever again NEAR WEST! You are full of Bulls**t!


Errr last night we had the same unwanted guest too, except it was mr lotti who scream n ms lotti who smack the guest.

what do u mean by near west??!!

haha...i ate cockroaches too! but they can't beat the creepy, slimy lizards lah!
N i figured out watz near west liaoz!!! Wahahaha!!!


Ooppsss...i meant HATE!!! not ate ah!! hahahaha...