09 June, 2007

Steamin' Hot Eggs!

PD reminded me not once, but TWICE that I have to let Jayden have some eggs before taking the MMR jab. Some kind of allergy test before he goes for the jab.

I didn't wanna give hard boiled eggs like what the PD suggested. I want to give Jayden nice and smooth steamed eggs just like those chawamushi served in some fancy Japanese restaurants.

As hard as I tried, the steamed eggs turned out UGLY! Full of craters! After 2 devastating failed attempts, I concluded that it's time to ask for some help.

I should have asked for help earlier! See how beautiful those steamed eggs were!

After I succeeded the first time, I got a little bolder. I added in milk for the next one. Though the look and texture is far from those chawamushi that's served in Japanese restaurants, they are good enough for Jayden and me. Boy am I glad he takes it well! Another source of protein for his diet!

Steamed eggs may not be such a big deal to some people out there, but to me it is A BIG DEAL because I DON'T COOK. I'm so glad that Mommy Per is willing to share her secret recipe for making it so right. I would have been bald if not for her help.

Why bald? Cos' I would be tearing my hair out trying to figure how to steam those freaking eggs!