26 June, 2007

Not The Real Thing

Jayden was down last week with fake measles. With 4 days of high fever, 3 days of rashes, 5 nights of crankiness and seeing 3 PDs and 1 GP, I'm really glad the worst is over, for now that is. We'll never be sure what he's gonna be down with the next time.

So far this is the toughest time we had after his one time episode of UTI. And again Ed was out of town. Jayden's fever went as high as 40 degrees Celsius at one point and I was totally freaked out and feeling so helpless. Even sponging doesn't really bring down his temperature. And guess what? My trusted PD was out of town too! That explains why I had to bring Jayden to see 2 PDs and 1 GP!

So how do we know whether is the measles fake or real?

Real measles has symptoms like:

  • cough
  • runny nose or flu
  • red eyes
  • fever

Whereas for fake measles, it's only high fever. And when the rashes appears, the fever will subside.

How did Jayden catch the vicious fake measles? It's airborne and so it's everywhere and anywhere. I've really been careful about the places I bring Jayden to. I suspect it's the old shopping mall that I've brought him to, because the fever came right after the next day. The mall has this bad air and the aircon stinks quite a bit. I suspect there's people smoking in there. I should not have brought Jayden there.

But how would I be certain that every place I bring Jayden to will be clean and without virus? One cannot be certain unless we live in a bubble like what Mommy M said. Thank goodness it's not the real measles but the fake one. I wouldn't know what to do if it's the real thing.

And I must thank my elder sis Ginny for being there during this tough period, accompanying me to all the docs visit and pacifying Jayden whenever I need a short break. Would have been much tougher without her!

Look at the poor kid.

Now I'm serious considering whether should I have another kid. It's already very tough to handle Jayden especially when he's down and having to handle another one, the thought just kinda scares me off.

Really must think carefully.


Glad the episode's over.

Can imagine your predicament. Is definitely tough esp when Ed was out of town.

You did it! You deserve a pat on the shoulder!