05 June, 2007

I Kaypo Meh?

The daddy said I'm a such a kaypo after I become a mom.

Kaypo, just in case you didn't know what it actually means... actually I also don't really know! Nosy parker? And here's what you get when you type nosy parker at Thesarus.

Anyway, why did he say that? Because I know all the kids and babies who are staying at our condominium! Well, not all but quite a number of them.

Ever since I became a SAHM, there's only a few things that I'm really interested in. Ok, maplestory is one of them. But then I'm really wanting to know all the babies and all the moms staying around me.

So far at my tower, there are:

  • Marc staying at the 5th floor, 2 weeks older than Jayden. Never get to know the mommy and daddy's name though
  • Dylan who is 3 years plus and her little sister who's just 3months old, with Mommy Zann and Daddy Arthur
  • Nigel and Kimberly staying at 9th floor
  • Baby Hong Li, who's about coming to 7months old, staying at 15th floor
  • There's another toddler girl and a baby girl staying at 9th floor

At the other tower, there are:

  • Crystal, who's 1 or 2 weeks younger than Jayden
  • Yuki, a 3 years old Japanese girl
  • Benjamin, who's actually born on the same day as Jayden! The mommy has just given birth to another baby boy who is 7 weeks old

I believe there are a few more babies out there, it's just that I haven't got the chance to meet all of them. It's always a pleasure to talk to their mommy and/or daddy, or even just the main caregiver ie. the maids, grandparents, and exchange useful tips especially on the babies' diet.

So maybe the daddy shouldn't tag me as a Kaypo right? Afterall I'm just gathering more tips on how to take good care of Jayden and not even probing into other peoples' private life.


not kpo lah just auntie