12 June, 2007

He's 15 Months Old

Jayden turned 15 months yesterday and Daddy got off from work a little earlier so that he could bring us out for a little celebration for Jayden's 15month birthday.

I chose to go East Coast Park again cos' I missed out the fun the last time round when they went without me.

Jayden didn't seem to remember that he's back on the same park that he visited 1 week back. I thought he really enjoyed himself running around crazy.

Though he's a toddler now, he still very much a baby to me because

  1. He's still drooling
  2. He's only having 6 teeth whereas most of his peers are having eight or more
  3. He's still eating soft porridge, very very soft porridge
  4. He's still drinking less than 500ml of milk per day
  5. He's still wearing size 6 - 12 months for most of his clothings
  6. He's weighing less than 9kg

Jayden please grow up fast fast ok?