11 June, 2007

Daddy's Wishful Thinking

Without a doubt Daddy is a soccer fan and he simply love watching football matches and playing football.

He wish Jayden could grow up to be a great soccer player so that he could send him to English Premiership. Just wishful thinking on Daddy's part..... or did Jayden showed great potential?

Maybe Jayden could really fulfill Daddy's wish.... but I really don't like the idea. Not at all.


haha, so cute and funny!! I think Jayden can form a football team with Javier!!

my sister stays in the same condo as you ! just realised as i saw the March 07 birthday party photos! Then i think your family has restaurant business is it?

Hi Lucas' mama :o)
Oh what a coincidence! Maybe i know your sis! Haha! We are no longer in the restaurant business as my dad decided to sort of semi-retire, too stressful he said!

oic. the world is really small ya?
btw, i went Compasspoint Popular to have a look at the books. Cannot find the First Words series of books. So sad... Did you get it from marine parade branch? So sad...

Lucas' Mama,
I got it from the Popular Bookstore at Simei branch, I think it's Eastpoint mall. But then I bought it quite sometime ago, when Jayden was 6 months old.

You might wanna give Popular a call before you make the trip to avoid disappointment.

i asked the sales person but they kindof dunno wat the books are.. I went Popular at Bishan, during lunchtime. Wasted trip ... so sad