09 June, 2007

Chocolate Ice-cream And Bubbles

These 2 are some of Jayden's favourite things.

Chocolate Ice-cream!
He like chocolate ice cream very much *just like daddy and mommy!*, so much so that it grows as a little beard around his lower lip! If you haven't tried the Belgian dark chocolate ice-cream from Awfully Chocolate, you better go get some, fast.

I was quite reluctant to let Jayden have a bit of it because:
it's cold (siao mommy, the yogurt that you are giving him daily, isn't it cold too? !#$%^&*!!)
it's chocolate (allergy allergy, but he's tried it earlier on!)
knowing how much he love cold stuff he's gonna cry for more when I finished it! (aiya he everyday also cry lah!)

To heck with it! I gave him the yummy yum yum ice cream anyway!

Even Natalie loves it too! She just had a cup 2 days back and now she's eating it again!

Jayden did cry when I told him I finished the ice-cream, "No more ler...." I said. Lucky he was distracted by his magmag cup or else it would be embarrassing.


This one is FUNtastic! I love bubble baths and I think Jayden takes after me for this! I use California Baby Calming Aromatherapy Bubble bath. It's baby safe, non toxic, smells great... you can't find another baby bubble bath that's better than this one! So spa like! This fella enjoys it so much that he cries whenever I said "ok done ler, finito, come out now!" I had to kinda drag him out from the tub!

Maybe it's because of the bubble bath... he's able to say the word "BUBBLE" quite accurately!


lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this